Boutique Longboard Decks Zenit Tero 2.0 Longboard Deck


Zenit Tero 2.0 Longboard Deck

234.95$ CAD


The Tero is 42 "long

Axle Assembly: Top Mount

Rigid and efficient board for Dancing, Cross-stepping

Reach for the sky with the Tero!

With a radial concave that hugs your feet, functional kicktails that have pop for eons, a cut-out shape and 1/38” micro-drops to help keep your feet on the board, the Tero flies through the streets like a prehistoric bird in a breeze.

The standing platform’s width is great for those looking to dance on more responsive freestyle driven board; the micro-drops and radial concave come together at the corners to let you know you’re just almost off the board. On top of all that, the compact wheelbase is balanced perfectly between stability and agility so that you can surf down that hill confidently yet carve in and out of sidewalk traffic without worrying.

Cruise: 8/10

Freestyle: 10/10

Dancing: 9/10

Weight: 4.2 lbs

Stiffness: 6/10


The recommended rider weight for this board is below 250 lbs.

Price for board only

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