Boutique Longboard Completes Zenit Dada Complete Longboard


Zenit Dada Complete Longboard

412.95$ CAD


L:  41.00"     W: 9.5"     WB:  23.5" - 25.75"

This setup is just what it sounds like: the perfect ride for whatever your style. Suitable for a beginner longboarder looking for the right type of longboard to progress on, and for an advanced rider to have an all-around quiver killer.

The Dada has been designed for freestylers who still want to dance. Simply.

The long and nervous kicktails will assist you in throwing your tricks higher and more precisely. The Dada's concave and rocker shape design will help to lock your feet and maintain a secure stance while performing tricks or stand-up slides on your daily commute. The multiple wheelbases allow you to tune your setup at its finest. In addition, the platform offers just enough space to practice your favorite dance steps.


Dancing: 6.5/10
Freestyle: 10/10
Freeride: 6/10
Cruise: 7/10


Price for complete board

Wheel and truck color may vary.

If you want a different setup, simply add the the board, Trucks Wheels  and Bearings you want to your cart. We will give you the free griptape and hardware you need to setup your complete board.

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