Boutique Longboard Completes Zenit AB Maze 2.0 Complete Longboard


Zenit AB Maze 2.0 Complete Longboard

364.95$ CAD 328.46$ CAD


The Maze is a casual and compact version of the AB 2.0. Pressed in the same mold, it keeps the features we enjoyed for long distance rides.

The double drop makes this deck very close from the ground ; combined with the small flex and the spacious platform, it’s easy and comfy to push with it.

The Maze has a good weight reduction because of the cutouts and the absence of kicktails ; it’s fun to carry everywhere. Those cutouts are combined with wheel wells so you’re able to use it with big wheels.

Weight : 3.34 lb

Push : 10 / 10

Cruise : 9 / 10

Price for complete board

Wheel and truck color may vary.

If you want a different setup, simply add the the board, Trucks Wheels  and Bearings you want to your cart. We will give you the free griptape and hardware you need to setup your complete board.

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