Boutique Men's Boots Vans Wolle Nyvelt Standard XF Snow MTE Boots Grape Leaf/Black


Vans Wolle Nyvelt Standard XF Snow MTE Boots Grape Leaf/Black

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You are Made for the Elements™. These are your Vans.

The “XF” in its name stands for “cross-functional” because the all-new Standard XF is the performance cousin of Vans’ Standard Snow MTE family. A thick corrugated rubber toe, PowerCuff Strap, V2 POPCUSH™ footbed, and Standard Snow MTE outsole featuring All-Trac™ all-terrain rubber fill the toolbox for any active outdoor winter need. But let’s be honest—this boot is built to rip a powsurfer. That’s right, we heard you. A little extra ankle retention? Adjustable collar sizing? And a snowboard boot-style liner for added warmth, comfort, and support? Check, check, and check. The Standard XF is the premier powsurf-specific boot. And if you’re wondering “Could it really be that good?” ask yourself this: “Would Wolle Nyvelt put his name on it if it wasn’t?”

 TRACTION: Specially designed for cruising around in cold weather conditions, the Standard Snow MTE outsole with All-Trac™, a cold weather-specific all-terrain rubber compound, offers next-level grip and traction. Featuring an aggressive reverse waffle lug pattern for variable terrain and street performance, and a siped tire-like design that increases overall traction.

 INSULATION: Shoveling the walkway, walking the dog, or running to the market—we all want warm feet on a cold day, and the new Standard XF utilizes a modified snowboard boot liner construction and all its traditional insulation offerings.

 CUSHIONING: The dual-density V2 POPCUSH™ construction features an advanced 3D-molded anatomical shape and anti-fatigue coring design for Vans’ highest level of impact cushioning coupled with energy return.

 MOISTURE MANAGEMENT: A vulcanized rubber lower and waterproof, seam-sealed construction provide an impenetrable leak guard. Plus, waterproof valves allow one-way moisture management by transporting moisture away from your foot, ensuring breathability and thermal regulation for dry, comfortable feet.

 TOP OF BOOT SUPPORT: Power is the operative word with the PowerCuff Strap. It provides extra support at the top of the boot for increased stability and response, and its configuration gives the Standard XF a customizable level of engagement.

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