Boutique Bushings Riptide "IN-Side" FootStop


Riptide "IN-Side" FootStop

25.00$ CAD

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Bonne grip, ajustable et stable.

Vient avec un washer.

It can be positioned nearly anywhere on your deck, get your foot back into that sweet spot, every time.

Strong : Will flex to your deck, but won’t snap

Foot grip : Unique ridge design gives superior grip

Adjustable : Plenty of adjustment for any setup (35mm)

Stable : Bolts down with a truck bolt & washer (washer supplied)

Placement Markers : Put your FootStop back where you need it

Size : Contact surface is 25mm tall & 85mm wide

Smooth : If you fall on it, it won’t hurt

Urethane : Made from 105A world famous RipTide urethane.

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