Boutique Bushings Orangatang Nipples bushings double barrel


Orangatang Nipples bushings double barrel

19.00$ CAD

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Un bushing très vivant et énergétique

Vendu en paquet de 4.

Parfait pour le carving, dancing, pumping, freestyle et le freeride.

Mou (orange) 85a: 80-180lbs.

Medium (mauve) 87a: 160-230 lbs.

Dur (jaune) 89a: 200-270 lbs.


Extra lively and energetic, these double barrel Nipples will get you all hot and heavy. 

Sold as a set of four (4), including four thin and strong flat washers. Nipples are NOT recommended for every truck on the market, but they do work well with Paris, Tracker Fastracks and Randals (among others). Please read more here:

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