Boutique Balance Boards Montreal B-Board S.U.P Shape Balance Board

Montreal B-Board

Montreal B-Board S.U.P Shape Balance Board

134.95$ CAD


The SUP SHAPE is perfect for all the Paddleboard enthusiast. This sport is gaining a lot of traction in North America over the recent years. It has a cool yet simple look that will please most people. It will help you increase your board stability on water when you are paddling.

You’ll be able to keep in shape during the off season or when you are far away from the coast or a lake. Its light weight makes it easy to bring anywhere like the cottage or at a gathering with friends and family. It’s also easily storable next to your paddleboard. For age above 10 years old.

  • WEIGHT : 1,8 Kilo (3.95 pounds)
  • DIMENSIONS : WIDTH 30 cm (12 inches) x LENGTH 66 cm (26 inches)

** All of our balance boards are unique. Your balance board may lightly differ from the image.

Our handmade balance boards are fabricated in Canada from 100% recycled Russian birch wood for the STANDARD and PRO version. For the SWELL version, we plant 2 trees rather than one. This high quality wood is known for its combination of strength and visual appeal. This type of wood reaches the highest structural norm in the industry of construction with its rigidity and great wear resistance.

Price for the board and the roll.


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