Boutique Longboard Trucks Atlas Ultralight Blue Longboard Trucks


Atlas Ultralight Blue Longboard Trucks

69.95$ CAD

Still sporting all the signature Atlas features - a machined ball pivot, tapered kingpin, built-in speed rings - the Atlas Ultralight trucks are the best value on the market.

The Ultralight features an 8mm axle through the hanger and eliminates additional aluminum making it 20% lighter than the original Atlas.

With a cone bushing board side matched with a cone bushing roadside this truck was created to be perfect for cruising, carving and freeriding.  

Atlas trucks are the new standard for reverse kingpin longboard trucks.

Our forged A356 aluminum is stronger and more precise than any other truck in the category.

Our precision ball pivot, 8mm axle with a machined hanger facing that creates the inner speed ring.

The threaded self-cleaning pivot cup offer a ride that is nearly indistinguishable from trucks at 5x the price.

Innovation at last. 

The Atlas Truck Set comes ready to ride with standard 48-degree baseplates, 180mm hangers, and 89a Atlas barrel bushings.

Each truck weighs in at 1.1lbs.

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