Boutique Longboard Decks Zenit Rocket V5 Longboard Deck


Zenit Rocket V5 Longboard Deck

249.95$ CAD



Locked into the board’s acute wheel flares, you’ll be in full command of your course throughout the whole journey. The extra room for your foot over the front truck facilitates the weight transfer for slide initiation, and a smaller wheelbase area has been engineered so you have nothing but the most precise control upon entry to your favorite hairpin.

This year, we jettisoned the non-essential materials in order to offer you only the most operational downhill craft that can be found on this side of the earth’s atmosphere. Lighter yet stronger, you’ll feel like you’re embarking on Apollo 11, ready to go wherever you want. No need to look up to see a Rocket blast off; this one goes under your feet and is still scientist approved to break Earth’s gravitational pull and reach the Moon.


Freeride : 10 / 10

Downhill : 10 / 10

Weight : 4.5 lbs

Stiffness : 9 / 10


The recommended weight for riding this board is equal or below 350 lbs, but for heavy dh we recommend adding a ply after 300 lbs.

Price for board only

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