Boutique Roues Venom Harlot 71mm 82a


Venom Harlot 71mm 82a

71.00$ CAD

Des roues de 71mm, avec surface de contact de 32mm

Duro: 82a

    Profile de la roue: Round Lip

    Coeur: Offset

    Ces roues sont conçues aussi bien pour le freeride

    Intended for fast sliding and sideways riding, the Harlot is the freeride wheel you've always needed.

    The offset shape combined with the infamous Cobra Core and a stoneground finish provides a perfectly smooth freeride experience right out of the package.

    While the progressive wear profile keeps a consistent contact patch throughout the life of the wheel.

    Diameter: 71mm
    Width: 48mm
    Contact: 32mm
    Core: Cobra Core
    Alignment: Offset

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