Boutique Roues Venom Cannibals Cobra Core 76mm


Venom Cannibals Cobra Core 76mm

81.00$ CAD

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Des roues de 76mm.

Viennent en 3 duro:

  • 76a blanche/mauve
  • 78a blanche/rouge
  • 80a blanche/verte

Profile de la roue: Square Lip

Ces roues sont conçues aussi bien pour le downhill que le cruising.

Faster and more aggressively grippy than its little brother, the 76mm Cannibal is the number one choice of our race team.

Whether you're raging a big-ass mountain pass or going deep at a world cup race, the 76mm Cobra Core Cannibal has you covered when you need speed, grip and predictability. 

Cobra Core Features 
-Fiberglass Reinforced 
-12x Stiffer 
-39mm Tall 43mm Wide 
-No Flex Zone (Patent Pending) 
-Many Swags

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