Boutique Roues Venom Cannibals 72mm


Venom Cannibals 72mm

77.00$ CAD 53.90$ CAD

Des roues de 72mm.

Viennent en 3 duro:

  • 76a blanche/mauve
  • 78a blanche/rouge
  • 80a blanche/verte

Profile de la roue: Square Lip

Ces roues sont conçues aussi bien pour le downhill que le cruising.


The Venom Cannibal is an all-purpose wheel for downhill, racing, and freeriding.

Brand new, they grip hard and drift smoothly for race-proven performance at speed.

With a smooth-sliding and remarkably durable urethane compound, Cannibals are also excellent freeride wheels once they're broken in a bit.

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