Boutique Roues Sector 9 Skiddles mauve 70mm

Sector 9

Sector 9 Skiddles mauve 70mm

57.50$ CAD

Les Skiddles mesure 70mm et on une surface de contact de 29mm

Un duro 78a.

Profil de la roue: quasi side set

Vous voulez des roues qui laissent des traces de couleur? Les voici!

The shape is nearly side set making them easy to initiate slides.

The rounded inner and outer edges go all the way down to the core, helping to keep you from getting hung up on cracks and giving a consistent slide all the way down to the core.

Skiddle urethane has been specially formulated for a smooth and predictable slide that pastes your color on the road.

You will easily see where you have been putting it sideways on this confidence inspiring formula.

Taste the Thanebow!

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