Boutique Roues Sector 9 Matt Kienzle Pro 65mm

Sector 9

Sector 9 Matt Kienzle Pro 65mm

58.00$ CAD

Les Matt Kienzle Pro ont 65mm et possède une surface de contact de 37mm

Un duro 78a.

Profil de la roue: Round Lip

Coeur de la roue: Centerset

Avec le nouveau Cosmic Core!

We're very proud to introduce Matt Kienzel's first pro wheel.

We took Matt's favorite secret 65mm slide wheel and dialed it in just for him.

We started with his favorite urethane for leaving sugary thane lines, trimmed the edge of the wheel to the core for smoother slides and chamfered that same edge to ease into slides.

Throw that onto the new Cosmic Core, bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees and you've got one kick ass slide wheel.

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