Boutique Roulements (bearings) RX Blue Steel Bearings

RX Bearings

RX Blue Steel Bearings

39.95$ CAD


Contents                                Set of 8 Medical Grade Precisions (MGP®) Rx Green                                                          Steel Bearings

Material Composition

Steel:                                       52100 Carbon / Chromium Steel (HRC 67)

Retainer:                                  6/6 Nylon with an additive that makes the retainer more                                                          resistant to high speed, high impact, and breakage than any                                                             other bearing.

Lubricant:                                Pre-lubricated with Rx Lube Drops®, which is a low                                                  viscosity oil to reduce the coefficient of rolling friction.

Tolerance Description          Medical-grade standards and precision with ABEC-9                                                             rating.


Ball Diameter Deviation:         Grade 5

ABEC Rating:

Noise:                                      Under 31db

Design Features

                                       Highly polished mirror like finish.

Inner and outer races:              Highly polished mirror like finish with
a raceway profile to                                                     optimize the ball and raceway contact area and contact                                                           angle.

Shields:                                   Removable, non-contact rubber shields for easy cleaning                                                        and zero friction.

Weight per bearing:                 12.375g


Packaging with bearings

Weight:                                   99g

Dimensions:                            1.25 × 1.25 × 2.75 in

Warranty:                              2 year limited warranty

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