Boutique Élévateurs (riser pads) Riser Khiro Angled Wedge Rails Kit


Riser Khiro Angled Wedge Rails Kit

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Angled Wedge Rail Risers are the newest innovation from Khiro Skateboard Products!

After extensive testing with some of today’s top World Champions in Slalom, Pool, and Street riding, the Khiro Angled Wedge Riser set allows any rider to customise his or her deck set up exactly how they want to. Each set of the Khiro Angled Wedge Rail Riser set comes with 2 each of 8 different angled sets;

  • 7/32" (1 Degree),

  • 17/64" (2 Degrees),

  • 5/16" (3 Degrees),

  • 3/8" (4 Degrees),

  • 1/2" (5 Degrees),

  • 5/8" (7 Degrees),

  • 13/16" (10 Degrees),

  • 15/16" (15 Degrees)

You can customize, or mix and match and combine different angles to make any desired truck angle you can think of. The Khiro Angled Wedge Rail Riser set allows you to customize your set up by setting your trucks at the exact angle you need for maximum turning capability by altering the trucks’ geometry and turning radius.

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