Boutique Bushings Riot Caliber Precision plugs


Riot Caliber Precision plugs

11.50$ CAD

Les "plugs" vont entre vos deux bushings pour éliminer tout jeux indésirable que l'axe pourrait avoir, rendant ainsi l'axe plus stable à haute vitesse.

Duro: 90a.

Compatible pour: les axes Caliber Precision

Paquet de deux.

Precision cut bushing plugs that are CNC lathed to ensure a perfect fit.  

They go in between your bushings and are desinged to eliminate any bushing slop your trucks might have.

This reduction in slop helps make your truck more stable at high speeds.

Made of urethane and available in 90a.

Compatible with: Caliber Precision trucks.

Price for a pack of two.

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