Boutique Accessoires Ridersfly Soles 6mm


Ridersfly Soles 6mm

31.00$ CAD 23.25$ CAD

Available in 4mm, 6mm, 8mm.

Package includes instructions for applying with ordinary contact cement.

Manufactured in Spain, Riderfly soles significantly increase your shoes’ grip on the deck, but they’re still flexible enough to give you maximum board feel. Made from an extremely durable, heat-resistant rubber compound, they don’t form any sticky buildup or residue during foot-braking like competing products. So they never pick up rocks and debris that might compromise your braking power and control. Footbraking has never been so smooth and predictable!

4mm: Recommended for freeride and downhill. Maximum board feel and increased grip, with enough material for the moderate footbraker.

6mm: Recommended for Downhill. Good board feel, increased grip, and more material for longer life. For heavier riders and/or those who prefer footbraking.

8mm: Treaded design recommended for wet conditions.

Price is for a single sole. Order two (2) soles for a full pair of shoes.

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