Boutique longboards complets Restless Shredder Geo Sunset complete


Restless Shredder Geo Sunset complete

273.00$ CAD

Le Shredder, mesure 39" de long, 8,75" de large

      Il est fait de 6 plis d'érables et 2 plis de fibre de verre.

      Il a une cambrure

      Assemblage des axes: Drop Through

      Planche performante pour le Carving et Cruising.

      Cette planche viens complète avec des axes, roulements et roues
      8.75'' x 39'' The Restless Shredder is a perfect cruiser/dancer deck. The drop-through, camber, flex and shape design come togheter beautifully to give the rider a smooth, easy ride.
      The Restless Shredder is an old-school design made for carving and street surfing.
      They are made out of 6 plys of Hard Canadian Maple and 2 plys of biaxial fiberglass.
      It has a concave, camber and has a long wheel-base.
      The camber means that the board will spring back with more pop.
      The camber also puts you higher off the ground which means more torque on the trucks.
      The shape prevents from any wheel-bite too, which means you can ride with very loose trucks.
      Put all of that together and you have a deck that you can really carve down a hill with.
      If you want a board to carve down a hill with in a surf-style manner, try the Shredder and be amazed!
      Price for complete board.
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