Boutique cruisers Restless RockSteady Enforcers


Restless RockSteady Enforcers

160.00$ CAD

Le RockSteady mesure 30,5" de long, 8,75" de large et possède un empatement de 17,5".

Fait d'érable.
Possède un bon kick tail.
Assemblage des axes: Top Mount.

Planche performante pour le cruising.

Vient complète avec axes, bearings et roues
The Restless RockSteady is a new generation cruiser.
It's made from 7 plys of Hard Canadian Maple.
It rocks a mellow concave augmented by molded wheel-wells and kicktail for some fun We made that short board to cruise around the campus or the city streets.
We gave it some good wheel-wells so that you can ride it with very loose trucks for a more agile setup to cut around obstacles.
The tail also helps to jump curbs and take sharper turns.
If you want to have a quick and agile board to ride around your school or local streets, put your feet on the RockSteady!
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