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Restless NKD Advanced

369.50$ CAD

Le NKD Advanced mesure 35" de long, 9,5" et possède un empattement de 26" et de 28"

Assemblage des axes: Top Mount

Planche plus que performante pour le Downhill!


Prix pour la planche seulement

The NKD Advanced was built with only one purpose in mind: getting to the bottom of the hill first.

This downhill beast is the brainchild of Niko Desmarais.

We used top-of-the-line lamination technology to create what we think is the best DH board ever made!

The deck has molded features to lock your feet in perfectly; molded wheel-wells, micro-drop, sharp concave and w-concave on the back foot.

What makes this board special is really its structural properties.

The board has unequaled torsion strength while keeping a nice reactive flex for out-of-turn sling-shot effect.

The torsion strength gives enormous precision on the truck movement, diminishing speed wobbles and giving greater grip in turns.

The flex was tested and changed and tested again until we got the perfect flex that absorbs energy at the beginning of a turn and releases it at the end for a speed boost.

For a racer, this means you can come into a corner with greater speed and leave it with even more, giving a clear advantage in comparison to traditional boards.

The other important property is the vibration dampening that is present through the whole board.

Contrary to shock pads which adsorb a great deal of vibration from the trucks, our construction actually absorbs all sources of vibrations completely, once again reducing speed wobbles and giving more adherence between the feet and the board, even on rough roads.

We achieved these properties by playing with many different materials for over a year of prototyping.

After many prototypes using various recipes and building materials, we finally converged on the construction you see today.

Using the extensive knowledge of Jasey Jay Anderson, Vancouver 2010 Gold Medallist in Snowboard Super Slalom and experienced board builder, and Niko's analytic mind and racing experience, Restless created what we think is the peak of DH decks.

Price for deck only
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