Boutique Longboard planche Remember Hive Carbon/Foamcore


Remember Hive Carbon/Foamcore

430.00$ CAD

Le Hive mesure 36" de long, 9.5" de large et possède un empattement de 22'' à 28" .

    Il est fait de carbone

    Assemblage des axes: Top Mount

    Planche performante pour le Downhill et la Freeride

    Prix pour la planche seulement

    Fresh for 2018 is the Carbon Hive Performance Longboard!  The Carbon Hive features a new foam-core, carbon fiber construction resulting in a much lighter deck with an extremely stiff platform.  This super agile and responsive deck is perfect for high-speed mountain roads or freeriding with next level board control.

    The Carbon Hive’s rockered profile keeps your feet in place and offers a nice angled platform for the rear foot in a tuck.  The deck surface has a wide and flat W concave to give your feet points of reference as well as a nice pocket for toesides.  Wheel flares provide additional points of reference and combined with the large wheel wells, prevent wheel bite and allow for extra lean angle.  Molded flush mounting on the bottom of the deck allows you to keep the deck low to the ground and maintains the intended angle of your truck of choice – the hardest part is deciding which wheelbase option you like best!  Wheelbase options range from a shreddy and nimble 22” all the way to a stable 28 inches for keeping stable on the biggest hills you can find.

    • Carbon fiber construction with foam core
    • Wheelbase options 22″- 28″
    • Molded flush mounting
    • Flat W concave
    Price for board only


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