Boutique Longboard Wheels Remember California Cruiser 70mm Longboard Wheels


Remember California Cruiser 70mm Longboard Wheels

54.95$ CAD

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Remember Collective 70mm California Cruiser Wheels are about chill vibes and good times. We wanted to provide you with a high quality wheel, that looked good and didn’t break the piggy bank. We also wanted a Remember Collective wheel that would go with any set up.

When the California Cruiser was born we new we had the perfect wheel for boardwalk cruising and campus dashes from class to class. The retro lettering is the perfect nostalgic touch. Whether you’re kicking your feet back reading a surf or skate mag, waiting for that next set to roll in or at the taco shop killing time, the California Cruisers will always be there right below your feet, ready to cruise. They are grippy, but stone ground, so throw a skid or two as you’re mobbing down the beach path. The 70mm/78a Remember formula will shred around the sharp corners of any the city.

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