Boutique Longboard planche Rayne Fortune (P-Swiss) Canadian Bacon


Rayne Fortune (P-Swiss) Canadian Bacon

179.50$ CAD

Le Fortune mesure 36" de long, 9.875" de large et possède un empattement de 24,5" ou 26,75".

    Il est fait de bambou et de fibre de verre.

    Il possède le nouveau "Fat Bottom" de Rayne!
    Assemblage des axes: Top Mount

    Planche performante pour le downhill et le freeriding.

    Prix pour la planche seulement.

    2013 P-Swiss Fortune ( Canadian Bacon )

    The future is now!  This board incorporates all the most fanciest of features in longboarding construction.

    It's got humps, bumps lumps placed exactly where you want them.

    A bacon-esk rail profile makes room for multiple wheel bases while adding gas pedals to push on for control.

    The ALL NEW Fat Bottom construction works like this:

    1: Fat Bottom Core: Thicker in the middle, the core now thins out to the edges creating an incredibly light, stiff, durable and responsive construction. 

    2: Integrated Wheel-wells: Subtle, pressed in curves in the front and rear meld with the Fat Bottom Core to open up the concave beyond our ability to simply mill wheel-wells in the wood. This naturally allows for a more durable construction and more diverse wheel options, while providing an incredibly ergonomic foot platform.

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