Boutique Roues RAD Influence Jimmy Riha 63mm


RAD Influence Jimmy Riha 63mm

62.00$ CAD

Des roues de 63mm, surface de contact 34mm.

Duro: 80a

Profile de la roue: Round Lip

Roue de type centerset

Équippé du coeur Crown dix fois plus solide que les coeurs traditionnels, il permet d'éliminer la vibration et de maximiser votre roulement.

The Conductor of the Rad Train, Jimmy Riha has his own pro model wheel!

The all-new Rad Influence Jimmy Riha wheel - this wheel comes in at 63mm, with a contact patch of 34mm.

This gives you a wheel that eases into slides with effortless precision.

Jimmy is one of the fastest guys around, so he needed a wheel that fit his style.

The crown core provides a very fast roll speed, but with the smaller diameter, this wheel fits on both your downhill freeride board, and your double kick.

No matter your style, whether it's fast freeriding, or aggressive city slashing, this wheel eases into slides at any speed, making it perfect on nearly any setup you throw it on.


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