Boutique Axes (trucks) Paris V2 180mm 43* Black


Paris V2 180mm 43* Black

73.00$ CAD
Les v2 sont enfin arrivés. Les même Paris mais plus solide, meilleure coupe de pivot, plus d'espace pour la kingpin et finition plus durable.
  • Largeur 180mm
  • Axe de 8mm
  • Embase (baseplate) 43 degrés
6 trous dans l'embase sont compatibles Old School et New School


Prix pour la paire.

The Paris V2 Trucks are super solid and are an easy option for a rider looking for a “go anywhere – do anything,” truck. 

They have a couple upgrades from the original Paris Trucks that everyone loves. 

They have a stronger hanger that is less prone to bending. 

More kingpin clearance in the bushing seat, allowing riders to carve more with much more ease and fluidity. 

They also have a new branded grade 8 kingpin to up the strength and steez factor. 

And to top it off they are now using a higher quality pivot cup for longer life and a smoother turn.

Price for the pair.

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