Boutique Axes (trucks) Paris Street 169


Paris Street 169

66.95$ CAD

Largeur 169mm

Viens avec des bushing Divine 93a

    Axe de 8mm

    Les 169mm sont conçus pour des planches de 9" à 10" de large.

      6 trous dans l'embase sont compatibles Old School et New School


      Prix pour la paire.


      The Paris Street Truck Family will allow you to take your Combine, Hybrid, Street or Mini to new levels.

      With a taller profile than standard conventional trucks, risers may not be needed.

      Bigger Wheels? NO PROBLEM! Now roll easy to those hard to get places with better maneuverability and better turnability.

      You’ll get a better ride every time. It’s time to make the switch!

      Available in 108mm, 129mm, 149mm and 169mm.

      You should pick 169mm Paris Trucks if…

      – If you ride any boards  9” to 10” wide.


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