Boutique Axes (trucks) Paris Pro V2 180mm Matt Kienzle


Paris Pro V2 180mm Matt Kienzle

70.00$ CAD
Les v2 sont enfin arrivés. Les même Paris mais plus solide, meilleure coupe de pivot, plus d'espace pour la kingpin et finition plus durable.
  • Largeur 180mm
  • Axe de 8mm
  • Embase (baseplate) 50 degrés
6 trous dans l'embase sont compatibles Old School et New School
Balance parfaite entre stabilité et manoeuvrabilité.
Prix pour la paire.

Paris Matt Kienzle Pro Model Trucks

The absolute master of flow and son of the dark lord, Matt Kienzle is coming at you with his all new Pro Model Paris Trucks.

Featuring his own Hawaiian pentagram graphic to match his steeze and his style, Matt K proves that Paris Trucks has been killing it for years now, winning races all around the world on cast trucks, putting precisions in their place.

And if there was ever a man with style, Matt K is the definition of flow.

Taking runs both regular and switch.

But of course, he keeps skateboarding about the one main goal: having the most fun riding down hills.

So whether it's giant stand up slides, or maximum speed while downhiling, Matt K has a truck that helps you have the most amount of fun on your skateboard.

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