Boutique Axes (trucks) Paris Pro V2 180mm Amanda Powell


Paris Pro V2 180mm Amanda Powell

70.00$ CAD
Les v2 sont enfin arrivés. Les même Paris mais plus solide, meilleure coupe de pivot, plus d'espace pour la kingpin et finition plus durable.
  • Largeur 180mm
  • Axe de 8mm
  • Embase (baseplate) 50 degrés
6 trous dans l'embase sont compatibles Old School et New School
Balance parfaite entre stabilité et manoeuvrabilité.
Prix pour la paire.

Paris Amanda Powell Pro Model Trucks

Smooth and predictable; fast and flowy.

Taking perfect lines when you're aiming to be first, and flowing lines whenever you want to take it chill.

That's Amanda's riding style on her new Pro Model Paris Trucks.

These trucks are perfect for both downhilling, and cruising and dancing as well.

At 180mm wide, and 50 degrees they're very stable while also giving you a lot of turn.

Giving you the maximum amount of flow and stability is all you need with the all new Amanda Powell Pro Model Paris Trucks.

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