Boutique Roues Orangatang Cage 73mm


Orangatang Cage 73mm

72.00$ CAD

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Des roues de 73mm avec surface de contact de 41,5mm.

Viennent en trois Duro:

  • 80a Orange
  • 83a Mauve
  • 86a Jaune
Roues de type center set, round lips.

Ces roues sont conçues pour le Freeriding et le Sliding.



73 mm diameter  |  50 mm width  |  41.4 mm contact  |  187 g/wheel  |  centerset bearing seat

Tall and charming, The Cage holds it together with an air of calm and collected charisma… but is always prepared to lose its shit and get wild.

The Cage is here to deliver when the script calls for inordinate momentum, firm yet pliable grip, and high-speed slides.

Step away from the bike… and get your downhill fix on four wheels.


The centerset freeride wheels feature gently bevelled sidewalls, rounded edges, and stone-ground contact surfaces.

A newly designed 38x38mm core with a deep “valley”-shaped cross section keeps the lips firmly supported like a burly botox injection, promoting smooth, consistent slides and even wear.

This core uses the same high-strength, high-stiffness, and heat-resistant material that we developed and implemented in the “blue” cores now seen across the entire Orangatang lineup… only now they’re red hot.

The Cage, The Kilmer, and The Keanu are all poured in our new Peachy Thane formula.

Slightly grippier than Euphorethane yet slipperier than Happy Thane, Peachy Thane offers a balanced blend of buttery speed control, long slides, and a cush ride.

Peachy Thane is formulated for high longevity and to meet the demands of the discriminating high-speed powerslide connoisseur.


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