Boutique longboards complets Madrid Nessie Complete


Madrid Nessie Complete

305.00$ CAD
Le Nessie mesure 38,25" de long, 9,5" de large et possède un empattement de 23,5" ou de 24,5".

Assemblage des axes: Top Mount
Planche faite d'érable et de formica.
Nouvelles Power Orbs dans le concave.
Planche performante pour le freeriding et le downhill.

Viens avec des axes et des roues.
For centuries, Nessie has lurked within the dark lakes of Madrid Mountain.
Town locals snapped these photos of Nessie, revealing its ¾” rocker, flared wheel wells, and never-before-seen Power Orbs. 
Nessie’s Power Orbs create arched pockets at the front and rear of the standing platform that keep your feet locked in and in control at any foot angle, whether you’re holding your tuck or in mid-slide, and provide reference points for your feet so you can spend less time with your head under water.
CNC-cut wheel wells and flush mounts reveal marble-dyed maple, stacked 8 plies high and topped with slick black Formica to add torsional stiffness and reduce vibrations.
A mellow kicktail with a touch of W helps pop Nessie out of the water.
The Nessie is an all-around freeriding legend.
Comes complete with trucks and wheels.
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