Boutique Gants de glisse (slide gloves) Loaded Advanced Freeride Glove


Loaded Advanced Freeride Glove

85.00$ CAD

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Un compromis entre les gants de Freeride et de Downhill!

  • Contruction de cuir de chèvre
  • Cuir double aux endroits clefs
  • Pouces non articulés pour réduire les chances de blessures en slide
  • Doublure "Coolmax" pour évacuer l'humidité de vos mains.
  • Réflecteur pour la nuit

Définitivement pas végétarien... et toujours testé sur des humains!

A form-fitting, full-finger design constructed of supple yet durable goat leather to inspire confidence in both low and high speed riding scenarios. 

Staying true to the minimalist aesthetic, we eschewed finger and thumb pucks in favor of dual layer leather reinforcement for abrasion resistance in the locations most likely to come in contact with the ground. 

These leather patches also provide better feel and traction when grabbing the board for predrifts and early grabs.

They are attached with single stitching and a surface adhesive that keeps everything together even after you shred your threads.

An additional wide patch on the inner edge of the non-articulated thumb protects the seam from damage caused by griptape when carrying the board by the nose.

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