Boutique longboards complets Landyachtz Switch 35 Eagle Complet


Landyachtz Switch 35 Eagle Complet

274.00$ CAD

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Le Switch 35 mesure 35" de long, 9,5" de large et possède un empatement de 27".

    Il est fait d'érable.

    Assemblage des axes: Top Mount
    Plateforme "drop deck"

    Planche performante pour le cruising, le freeriding et le downhill.

    Vient complète avec des axes Bear et des roues Hawgs.

    Year after year, the Switch proves to be one of our most popular boards; and for good reason! The dropped platform locks your feet in while also lowering the ride height making pushing around town a breeze. Exceptionally stable, this is also a great option to progress your freeriding skills on.

    35" Length I 9.5" Width I 27" Wheelbase 

    Compact, extra stable and symmetrical

    Comes complete with trucks and wheels.

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