Boutique longboards complets Landyachtz Nine Two Five Wolf Blue Complet


Landyachtz Nine Two Five Wolf Blue Complet

294.00$ CAD

Le Nine Two Five mesure 40.2" de long, 9.81" de large et possède un empattement de 30.7".

Assemblage des axes: Drop Through.

Planche performante pour le Freeride.

Vient complète avec des axes Bear et des roues Hawgs.

 Work is generally something to be avoided, unless your job is to go out and skate, which is exactly what the crew that designed this board does for a living. Their job is to work with legend, Mike McGoldrick to create the best board for you to ride hard and fast. Skating should never feel like work and when you are riding the NineTwo Five you’ve got nothing to worry about.  Our goal is to make you forget about your day job because your putting in so much overtime on your board. 

Art work from one of our favorite artists, Andreas Preis 

40.2" Length I 9.81" Width I 30.7" Wheelbase

  Landyachtz is committed to planting one tree for each board that is purchased.


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