Boutique Skateboard planches Landyachtz Loco 37


Landyachtz Loco 37

94.00$ CAD

Le Loco 37 mesure 37,5" de long, 9,5" de large et possède un empatement de 20".

    Assemblage des axes: Top Mount

    Planche performante pour le urban sliding et le downhill skating  et le street.

    Prix pour la planche seulement

    Vient avec le grip Landyachtz

    With 4 sizes available, The Loco Series offers a deck to suit the needs of any skater.

    The Loco 32” and Loco 33’’ are ideal for the skatepark, transition and street skating while the larger Loco 35’’ and Loco 37’’ are great for street slashing, ally shredding and ripping at higher speeds.

    37.5" Length I 9.5" Width I 20" Wheelbase

     Double kicks w. reshaped nose

    Price for board only

    Comes gripped by Landyachtz

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