Boutique longboards complets Landyachtz Bamboo Totem complet 2015


Landyachtz Bamboo Totem complet 2015

236.00$ CAD

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Le bamboo Totem mesure 41" de long, 9,9" de large et possède un empatement de 27,75".

    Il est fait de bambou.

    Assemblage des axes: Top Mount

    Planche performante pour le cruising et carving

    Vient complète avec axes Bear et roue Hawgs.

    The Bamboo Totem is a classic shape that offers smooth, deep-carving goodness with Soft-top grip complimenting the overall board feel.
    Modern features like sanded wheel wells and a rockered profile enhance the carvability of this classic shape.

    Comes complete with bear trucks and hawgs wheels.

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