Boutique Snow Skate Icon Purple Team Collection 32"


Icon Purple Team Collection 32"

225.00$ CAD 180.00$ CAD

Vient ciré de la compagnie.

Possède le "Trueconcave" unique à Icon.

32" de long

Bold, in-your-face graphic for a similar sort of skater.

Our DuraSpeed snowskates are fast and built to last.

What more could you ask for?


  • DuraSpeed Construction
  • 32" x 8.5" 
  • Waxable UHMW Base
  • Screen-printed Transparent Base w/ Dyed Bottom Ply
  • 5 Groove Pattern
  • North American Hard Maple Plies
  • TrueConcave
  • Die-Cut EVA Topsheet
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