Boutique Gants de glisse (slide gloves) Holesome Scented Slide Puck Bubble Gum


Holesome Scented Slide Puck Bubble Gum

22.50$ CAD

La cire pour planche de surf style gomme balloune est l'inspiration de la compagnie.

Paquet de deux

Bubblegum surf wax was the original inspiration for Holesom pucks

color/smell: soft neon pink pucks/bubblegum

shape: squircle (in between a square and a circle)

size: 3 5/8 inches side to side, 3 9/16 inches corner to corner

thickness: 1/2 inch

weight: 3.15 ounces each puck

material: Delrin plus (proprietary blend)

Fast, durable, smellicious, super dense yet lightweight because of the holes.

One pucks set includes two slide pucks, die cut hospital grade velcro (better than industrial grade) and a die-cut decal.

Holesom Pucks supports Laguna Beach Animal Shelter - Thank You for that : )




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