Boutique Roues Hawgs KM FSU 70mm


Hawgs KM FSU 70mm

70.00$ CAD

Des roues de 70mm

Un seul duro duro: 80a noire

Freeride formula, déjà "break-in" à la meule.
    Roues de type centerset.

    Profile de la roue: Round lip

    Pensée et conçue pour la slide.

    Très résistante, gardera sa forme après plusieurs slides!

    With the intent of producing the most consistent and long lasting high-speed freeride wheel on the market, FSUs are the result of months of prototyping.

    Designed from the ground up by Landyachtz team rider Kyle Martin, these wheels will provide the most predictable drifts possible.

    Featuring an exclusive low-profile core, minimum intrusion into the urethane provides high resiliency and a long lifespan for tons of sideways mileage.

    The combination of a wide contact patch and a wide, supportive core, results in minimal deformation of the urethane even under huge side-loads.

    This combo is unique to the current wheel market.

    By reducing stretching and rebounding during slides, drifts are chatter-free and consistent.

    Also, the contact patch remains virtually unchanged throughout the life of the wheel, resulting in constant characteristics from out of the package to the core.

    At 70mm with a centerset core and symmetrical design, these wheels are flippable and will fit onto almost any low clearance setup.

    These wheels are about to make a huge impact in downhill freeriding this season.


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