Boutique Roues Hawgs Double Cheetah 77mm 90a inner/76a outer Grey/Purple


Hawgs Double Cheetah 77mm 90a inner/76a outer Grey/Purple

115.95$ CAD


Diameter: 77mm

Contact Patch: 71mm

Duro: 76a Outer/90a Inner

Cheetahs come in 3 different versions, each with their own distinct strengths, allowing you to choose the perfect wheel for any application. The Dual Duro 76a/85a version is the workhorse of the bunch and will be the go-to in most racing and big mountain situations. The 85a inner is stiff enough to give you tons of roll speed and control deformation under heavy loads, but supple enough to give the wheel the grip and stopping power you need as well as to absorb pavement imperfections confidently. Cheetahs come in at 77mm tall and 71mm wide.

The Dual Duro 76a/90a version is a straight up drag racer, the super high rebound 90a inner is designed to max out roll speed on straightaways and it thrives on smooth pavement. The overall stiffness of this package works to limit lip deformation when turning hard, giving you ideal exit speed out of high-speed corners. Our dependable 76a outer urethane means that you’ll have more than enough grip in the corners despite the stiffness of the wheel.


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