Boutique Axes (trucks) Gullwing Reverse White


Gullwing Reverse White

81.95$ CAD
Nouveau Gullwing
Bushing RAD
Solide et stable!

Prix pour la paire.
New to the Gullwing line up is the Reverse, our latest off ering to the reverse kingpin category.
Designed by Josh Rolf of Munkae Trucks, every detail imaginable has been taken into consideration with the design of the Reverse.
Not to mention, the Reverse comes stock with RAD bushings to assure an amazing ride right off the shelf.
TYPE: Reverse Kingpin, Performance
APPLICATION: Downhill, Freeride, Cruising
SIZES: 10.0" (183mm)
GEOMETRY: 47 Degree Raked
BUSHINGS: 89a Double Barrel
Racing - 9
Downhill - 9
Carving - 10
Freeriding - 10
Cruising - 9
Street - 2
Impact - 7
Price for 2 trucks.
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