Boutique Griptape Griptape Seismic Lokton Solid


Griptape Seismic Lokton Solid

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Grain 36

Pack of three (3) 11×11-inch square sheets of 36-grit Lokton™ griptape. Color: Midnight Blue.

Available in two lasercut hole patterns, as well as Solid for maximum surface coverage. Honeycomb and Metal-Plate hole patterns decrease weight by up to 40%, while hole edges increase grip.

Noticeably sharper, tougher, and grippier. Grit stays ultra-sharp, doesn’t flake off. No smearing or peeling, even in heat or rain. The best grip in the history of grip. Lock in with Lokton™!

Apply Lokton only to clean deck surfaces. (It does not adhere well to the top of other grip tape.) For best results, trim the edges with a sharp blade, using quick downward thrusts from the top. Do not fold or bend or file the edges, as this can cause grains to shed.

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