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Madrid Flypaper Thumbcutter Griptape

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Flypaper Thumb Cutter Griptape 11x10 (4 Sheet Pack)
4 sheets of 11” x 10” super-coarse 36 grit Flypaper - Comes with Flypaper sticker

Flypaper Griptape is proud to offer Thumb Cutter Grip Tape. Flypaper Thumbcutter was born out of the demand for a super rough, extra course grip tape. Thumb Cutter will keep your feet glued to you board and prevent you from slipping off. It comes in 11” X 10” sheets and 4 to a pack

Started in the Madrid Skateboards factory in 1983, Flypaper was the first griptape company in skateboarding. It’s made in the USA from our ultra-durable Silicon Carbide formula with an adhesive backing that’s approved for military applications. Try it once and you’ll never go back.

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