Boutique Protections G-Form Pro-X Elbow pads Junior black/yellow or grey


G-Form Pro-X Elbow pads Junior black/yellow or grey

84.99$ CAD

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Grandeurs Junior!

La technologie G-Form permet une protection sur des impacts répétitifs, nul besoin de changer le produit après un impact comme pour un casque de vélo par exemple.

Le première protection flexible qui durci à l'impact.

Moins de chance qu'une protection rigide de changer de position à l'impact.

Peut être porté à des température chaude ou froide, sous ou sur le linge et peut être lavé à répétition.

Junior Sizes!

The PRO-X Elbow Pads are a perfect addition to any kit.

Our pads are so lightweight and low-profile that they’ll never get in the way or inhibit your performance.

Our compression fit ensures that the pads will always stay center on your elbow, no matter how hard you fall.

They are the first flexible, molded, exoskeleton rate-dependent impact pad worn on the outside of the sleeve. The ridges and hinges of the pad are specifically designed to flex with the elbow and arm to ensure complete protection.

The G-Form pad will protect you from repeated impacts – unlike a bicycle helmet, it does not need to be replaced after impact, and does not lose any of it’s protective qualities after repeated use.

The unique way the pad is shaped and molded, plus it’s attachment to the compression fabric, keeps the pad close to the surface of the body, and this enhances the protection, especially compared to hard shell pads that can move out of place.

The elbow pads can be worn in warm or cold weather, on top of or underneath clothing. It can be washed and worn repeatedly.

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