Boutique Roues Free Loaders 73mm 80a


Free Loaders 73mm 80a

75.00$ CAD

Des roues de 73mm avec surface de contact de 65mm

Duro: 80a

Profile de la roue: Square Lips

Roue de type: Centerset

Roues performante pour le downhill.

NEW from Free Wheel Co. are the Loaders.

Free Loaders are our biggest and grippiest wheels yet!

Poured in our Cash Money Formula which is a resilient, high-rebound concoction to provide the fastest exit speeds, and the quickest acceleration.

Combined with a supportive center-set bearing seat the Loaders can really handle the high speeds demanded by world class race tracks.

At 73mm tall, and 65mm wide, this brick of urethane digs into the pavement with defined square cut lips, to allow them to slow down as fast as possible and provide incredible grip through apexes.

The Free Loader is the best wheel for taking an inside line, and not giving it up without a fight!

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