Boutique E-Board Exway X1 Pro Electric Board


Exway X1 Pro Electric Board

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Max Speed: 46km/h (29 mph) with turbo mode

Max Climbing Grade: 30%

Range: Up to 25km (16 miles)

Weight: 6.84kg (15.1lbs.)

Length:  92.71cm (36.5 inches)

Width: hourglass shaped cut 20.32 cm (8 inches) at its most narrow near the center.

22.86 (9 inches) near the wheels

Torque: 4.6Nm x2

Max Power: 1200w x2

Rated Power: 600x x2

Rated Charger Power: 75 watts

Input Voltage: 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz

Battery Capacity: 193Wh

Charging Time: 2h 45min with the standard charger and 70 minutes with the fast charger

Output voltage: 5V 1.5A

Trucks: Seismic Aeon 45 degree

Grip Tape: 3mm Shock Absorbing

Braking Mode: Regenerative Braking

Waterproof Rating: IP55

Warranty: 6 months

Feature and Upgrades

The X1 Pro represents major upgrades and refinements to the X1 platform. While outward appearances remain pretty much the same at 0.45kg / 1lb heavier and 1.5mm thicker the Pro features the following list of upgrades:

    battery icon
     Battery improved to 193 watt hours, allowing for up to a 
     25km range. 
     New EBS regenerative braking system with increased 
     efficiency allowing capture of up to 56% more range.
    turbo charger icon
     Turbo mode, now available and set through the app 
     increases top speed up to 46 km/h.
    hub motor icon
     Fully upgraded and sealed hub motors -1200W per 
     motor, push friendly anti drag design, better efficiency, better
     torque (able to climb 30% hill grade). The new motors are now
     running new high performance water resistant bearings.


     Battery management system and charger designed to strict 
     ANSI-UL2271 safety standards with overcharge, over voltage
     and temperature protections in place. The BMS provides
     constant intelligent management of power output and
     feedback through the rider's wireless throttle.
    x1 remote icon r1
     R1 remote - Holzer type rolling throttle design, refinished 
     skin coating and improved ergonomic grip. OLED
     screen provides realtime speed and battery level, vibration
     alerts for various warnings. In line with exwayboard designs,
     the R1 remote is compact and stealthy and can be easily  palmed in the rider's hand. 
    exway 85 mm wheel icon Stock 85mm wheels with an extra set of 85mm (4 PU covers 
     in total )back up Poly Urathane sleeves strikes a balance
     balance between. smoothness of ride , wear and longevity of
     the sleeves themselves, as well as protecting the motors
     against road conditions.
     New standard foam grip tape to reduce vibrations at speed 
     and help further lock riding stance into position. 
    exway board app icon
     All Exway boards are now App ready right out of the box. No
     firmware upgrades necessary before riding.  The boards can 
     be ridden right out of the box or can connect to a mobile 
     device to make performance adjustments. The odometer and 
     allows for full customization of acceleration and breaking curves, power outputs, cruise control, forward and reverse toggle,
    and the new turbo mode software settings allow for 4 different riding profiles which can be set and then toggled when out on the road. 
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