Boutique Vêtement Ekumenik S\S Chambray Black Shirt


Ekumenik S\S Chambray Black Shirt

54.00$ CAD

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Most people are not aware that their minds are constantly being twisted, censored and sabotaged. Unimaginative suits using mass media to force-feed us the same old shtick. Using a smoke screen to cloud the truth of what is really happening to our once great lifestyle. What once was a soulful exercise for body and mind, is now being sold as a sport while our children get addicted to energy drinks. What once was about drawing lines down mother natures shape-shifting transitions, is now about quantifying rotation and selling ad space. Morose, lethargic, diabetic assholes playing us all for fools.

Ekumenik is a privately-owned, consciously-produced apparel brand created and cured by passionate life-stylers committed to the pursuit of freedom.

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