Boutique Roues Earthwing Mini-Floaters 64mm


Earthwing Mini-Floaters 64mm

45.00$ CAD

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Les Mini-Floaters viennent en 4 duro:

  • 64mm, 78a (rouge), 81a (bleu), 84a (noire) et 87a (jaune).

Roues de type légèrement offset, round lips. 

Roues conçues pour le freeride, sliding et le technical sliding.

Earthwing has redesigned the Floaters with a urethane that allows you to slide for days! 

This longboard wheel is made of high quality Purethane, designed to simulate the feel of sliding through the clouds! 

We have been sliding these wheels around for a while and they have wonderful wear characteristics. 

No Flat spots and minimal conage! 

The 64mm Floaters or perfect for smaller boards without a lot of wheel clearance and for setups where preventing wheelbite is an issue. 

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