Boutique Roues Divine City Slashers 64mm


Divine City Slashers 64mm

48.00$ CAD

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Des roues de 64mm.

Différent duro: blanche 78a, rouge 82a, verte 86a, mauve 94a.

Roues de type center set.

Profile de la roue: Round Lip

The Divine City Slashers are a great wheel for the all around park and hill shredder. 

We've tested them out on hills, streets, and in skateparks and found them to be a very fun all around wheel. 

If you're looking for more cruising, go with the 78a. 

If you think you'll be riding hills a bit more frequently, go with a slightly harder wheel like the 82a City Slashers.

If you're going to ride some bowls and ditches the 86a will be a great choice. 

The slides are predictable and the wheels are small enough to fit on all park setups and tech slide boards, too! 

At 64mm you could even fit these on your street setup for a smooth riding cruising wheel.

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