Boutique longboards complets DB Cabrakan 38 complete


DB Cabrakan 38 complete

260.00$ CAD

Le Cabrakan mesure 38" de long, 8,88" de large et possède un empattement de 28.5".

Fait de plis d'érable et un plis de noyer.

Assemblage des axes: Drop through

Planche performante pour le cruising, sliding.

Cette planche vient complète avec des axes Atlas, des roues Cloud Ride.

The Cabrakan is a one-of-a-kind creation that gives off a well-deserved aura of awesomeness.

A topsheet of authentic walnut veneer beautifully elevates this decks construction while the reflective base graphic makes it a truly awe inspiring board.

Drop through truck mounting and a functional twin-tip shape will equip you to tackle mountains and valleys alike.

There is one board to rise above the rest - the almighty Cabrakan.

Comes complete
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